With over 150 million Youtube views, Thomas Kirk, AKA “The Amazing Atheist”, is one of the most watched Youtube vloggers in history. Since 2006 Kirk has been strangling the stupidity of religion to death with his bare hands and smashing to bits all the silly, meaningless, pop culture bullshit that Americans seem so obsessed with. His brash, in your face ranting style has earned him the label as one of the most controversial figures in the online world, and rarely a conversation about online Atheists is had without his name being mentioned. He is well known for his thoughtful tactics and savage tone, but also as a man who takes an extraordinary amount of time interacting and caring for his fans.

tj2At 6’7″, he is also one big ass mountain of  snark, bad attitude, and cultural resistance. He has been a featured guest on CNN and is an actor and writer with three successful books already under his belt. He touts perception and information that not only challenges the establishment, but also challenges his viewers, often provoking deep introspective and enlightenment on the human condition.

But to those who know him in his personal life, Thomas (TJ) Kirk is a very polite, kind, caring person who treats others with both empathy and respect. I hate to ruin his street cred, but TJ is totally a nice guy. As anyone who actually know him will tell you, behind the ferocity, snark, and humor, is a man who really cares and does what he thinks is best t make the world he lives in a better place.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have not seen his work, be sure to check out The Amazing Atheist Youtube Channel here.